Summer in Springtime v0.9.2 Update

Hey guys,

So the game's been updated again to include more of special scenes in Ukyu's style, bringing the number of scenes available to play to 10! This also has a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Enjoy the game! 

LATEST: v0.9.2 - 05-23-2019

- NEW! Added 7 more special scenes in Ukyu's style! (Now 10 in total, this is still incomplete!)
- NEW! Options menu added!
- NEW! Added global volume controls!
- FIX! Dialog autoscrolling bug
- FIX! Sound-related bugs with the menu
- FIX! Bug setting transition between animations.
- FIX! Event log text now fixed up!


Browser Playable Version (v0.9.2 05-23-2019, Chrome/Firefox/Chromium) Play in browser
May 24, 2019
Summer in Springtime v0.9.2 05-23-2019 (Android 4.4+ APK) 131 MB
May 24, 2019

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