Summer in Springtime v0.8.5 Update

Hey folks,

I've updated Summer in Springtime to v0.8.5. All builds have been updated. This now brings in multi-art style support. Along with this the old art style has been included. Please use the secret code oldieartxxx to activate this. 

Guys, I've been through a lot just to bring the new base art style in, like A LOT. Putting together 21 interactive animated scenes from scratch with full script work in 2 months was no easy matter. This wasn't planned and was a difficult decision to make since the old art delivered suddenly was, in plain terms, suffering in terms of quality. A sub-par rush job imho. One was so disappointing, it made me flaccid. It was unfixable for me. This is not apparent in the in-game scenes you see since I've already gone through processing them. The old art will most likely not be updated anymore. 

The new base artwork will serve as canon and this is what we'll use when we update the game.

The game's latest update now lets us play with multiple art styles in-game. But for now, we'll limit the new art styles to Gallery and Omake Scenarios.We're still looking for a new artist or artist(s) to team up with to give you guys additional content and styles to enjoy in the game.

I apologize if you guys were expecting the same old art and suddenly faced with the new one without forewarning. I was keen on continuing to work with what I was getting, but no way if it's gonna be crap. 

Thanks for reading!



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Oct 14, 2018
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Oct 14, 2018
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Oct 14, 2018

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