The Ramen Prince v0.4.5 Is Here!

Hey guys!

We've finally updated the game to v0.4.5 and we're opening up another character route in this release! All versions (including Android) - the ones here, on our Patreon page, and the patrons-exclusive version are now v0.4.5.

We added in a number of things under the hood to let us experiment with other things. Our patrons have asked about a show/hide controls to the animated "x-ray" thing we were playing around with, so we added that in for scenes that have it.

In this version, we also had the genius chef's special events shaded in already, so please let us know how you like it!

Update: Just updated the game a few hours ago to fix some gallery-related bugs.


LATEST: v0.4.5 - 08-18-2017

- BUG FIX! Gallery related bugs.

v0.4.5 - 08-17-2017

- Fixed some typos
- NEW! Added new event CG.
- BUG FIX! General bug fixes.

v0.4.5 - 08-14-2017
- NEW! 5th character route added!  Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now)
- NEW! X-ray control buttons added!
- NEW! Updated Sango's SEs!
- BUG FIX! Animation-related speed thing.


Browser Version (v0.4.5, Firefox/Chrome) Play in browser
Aug 17, 2017

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can't click on the Android download it doesn't download help