Ramen no Oujisama V3 Update

Ramen no Oujisama's massive V3 sprites and sexy special scenes upgrade currently being implemented!

*Note: Screenshots used are from a very early build of the game that's several years old already. they will be updated soon.






Looking for compelling stories coupled with great sexy action? We are BeerBrew and Sharkie of Studio Paper Waifu, and thanks for trying out our game, Ramen no Oujisama (or The Ramen Prince)!

This is a H-visual novel that chronicles the loves and tribulations of a young man who, thanks to a generous benefactor, is starting fresh in a new city and opening a new ramen restaurant. Along the way, he meets an eclectic cast of characters, and eventually must learn to juggle business with pleasure. Can he get the girl of his dreams?


  • All 10 character routes are unlockable and playable fully until the end
  • An 11th character route is available (a WIP currently in this version of the game) as a game secret.
  • If you're a patron, you can access the secret codes specific to this game in this build
  • Expanded save slots
  • New multi-scene Omake Scenario starring the game's starlet.
  • The full gallery available in this version.
  • Partial implementation of the V3 sprites
  • Partial implementation of The Genius Chef's V3 routes and special scenes.
  • New MC male/female animated sprites
  • Genderbender implementation in relation to the new V3 special scenes
  • Audio update and many bug fixes relating to this.


  • The V3 update to all the routes supporting the new MC and the genderbender feature
  • V3 routes will use V3 sprites and sexy scenes. The sexy scenes will be unique to each encounter when using the gender bender feature. (ex: The 1st encounter with the Genius Chef will have a unique animated special scene for each of the 3 genders playable, and so on...
  • New Omake scenarios! Currently a harem type of interaction/scenario is winning the vote!

The game is available for Windows, Mac OSX 10.6~10.8 and 10.9+, Linux, and Android devices. 

If you want to play the latest version of the game and support the upgrade and the new content we're making, we'd really REALLY appreciate it if you became our patron over at


So please, even if it's equivalent to a cup of morning coffee each a month, your support will mean a lot to us! This will really help because the post v1.0.0 major updates need a lot of time and effort to accomplish as if a good chunk of the game was redone.

*Please don't use your old save games with this version as it may not be compatible.

Testing out HTML5 version with Itch.io. If you encounter nay problems, alternatively, you can play the game in your browser at NewGrounds or GameJolt:

NG: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692047

GJ: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-ramen-prince-ramen-no-oujisama-visual-novel/206343


This game is under ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT (consider it an alpha or early access release), and we are constantly bringing in more graphics, story, and sound assets as our vision evolves, so there's always good reason to replay a route for improvements and for extended storylines!

If you like our stuff, and want to see more games from us (or for more updates on this game), please support us on Patreon:


Your support means a lot to us! Please leave your comments below - we'd love to hear your thoughts about our game!


"I won't lie, I was on the lookout for a f*ping game when I stumbled upon this VN ^^''. But, I found myself, 2 hour and half later, still playing, following the story, thinking thoroughly of each decision I was to make having the sake of the characters like prior thought. I find it formidable how it captivated me as quickly as it did( no expert but I liked the naration and the interactions). The music, which I found really pleasant just to listen even presently, as I write from the title screen, added to the quality of this great game althought, as already said, the moment of prolonged silence made me thinked my speekers were defectious ha ha. To finalize this critic/words of appreciation, call it as you may, I would like to thank you, BeerBrew and Sharkie from PaperWaifu Studio, you've made those 2 and a half hour very enjoyable and can't wait to see what's next. To the joy of seeing your futures release."

"The narrative is actually good. Is this real life?"

"Lots of potential and a great game. Such a nice and thoughtful story that really can touch a person. You even forget that this is an eroge in the process. Seriously this thing deserves to be greenlit. Anyway keep up the good work. Can't wait for the other girls and routes."

"Very nice demo, can't wait to see the next chapter!"

"I like long involved storylines and this one is certainly has the pagecount to qualify. :) Almost too long, as others have pointed out I was probably halfway through the game (demo,) and I was still seriously wondering why it had an "A" rating. I did find the storyline entertaining... who knew I could be interested in what makes a Ramen chef?"

Copyright Stuff...
Ramen no Oujisama story, character concepts, and character artwork by BeerBrew and Sharkie. We have acquired appropriate licenses for game assets where applicable. Assets with Creative Commons 0 (public domain, no attribution needed) license used. Fonts with SIL Open Font License also used.



v1.1.3 - 08-14-2021


- FIX! Ren sprite parts (casual, mouth elements)

- NEW! Secret route (V3) has been concluded!

- NEW! Music and sound test update!

v1.1.2 - 07-23-2021


- FIX! Tomone and Sango sprite parts (casual, mouth elements)

- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 Version, Chapter 8!

- NEW! Added neutral pronouns

v1.1.1 - 06-26-2021


- NEW! Secret route updated!

v1.1.0 - 06-15-2021


- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 Version, Chapter 7!

- FIX! Rare audio-related bug during chapter transitions (ex: Boss Lady Chapter 6-7)

v1.0.9 - 05-17-2021


- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 Version, Chapter 5-6!

- NEW! MC in V3 routes can now be hidden!

v1.0.8 - 04-25-2021


- FIX! Some dialogue fixes!

- FIX! Audio end from credits roll to titlescreen and other extra scenes

v1.0.8 - 04-16-2021


- NEW! Secret route updated!

- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 Version, Chapter 1-4!

- new MC male and female sprites added!

- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 Version, Chapter 1-4, genderbender mode enabled!

- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 SE01 comes in 3 flavors!

- FIX! Mouse wheel over menu lists now works again!

- FIX! More audio related issues!

v1.0.6 - 03-05-2021


- FIX! Audio related memory leak?

- FIX! Omake Scenario 4!

v1.0.6 - 02-22-2021


- NEW! Secret route updated!

- NEW! Genius Chef Route V3 Version, Chapter 1!

- NEW! V3 sprites now in the game!

- FIX! Loading-then-fast-forward-infinity bug should now be fix!

- FIX! audio repeat crash bug at end of chapters!

v1.0.5 - 01-28-2021


- NEW! Secret route updated!

- NEW! Omake Scenario 4 Part 3 Update!

v1.0.4 - 10-31-2020


- NEW! Option to set a Y offset to the dialogue's character text in case it bugs out in the Android version!

v1.0.4 - 10-30-2020


- NEW! Omake Scenario 4 Part 2 Update!

- NEW! secret route updated!

v1.0.3 - 08-19-2020


- NEW! Omake scenario!

- FIX! Starlet Dreams route!

- FIX! Starlet Dreams new secret unlock added!

v1.0.2 - 08-09-2020


- NEW! Secret route updated!

- NEW! Fullscreen button now accessible from the title screen!

- NEW! Auto text delay can now be adjusted in the options menu!

- FIX! Applied fixes from other game

v1.0.1a - 06-03-2020


- NEW! Secret route updated!

- NEW! Max save slots increased!

- NEW! Updated Ren's sprite!

- NEW! Additional Secret code unlock!

- NEW! Currently unlocked Gallery and Omake Scenarios will try to be migrated on updating the game!

- FIX! Bug in ramen selection when doing a new play through that can hang the game.

v1.0.1 - 05-23-2020


- NEW! Secret route open!

- NEW! Ren's sprite improved!

v1.0.0 - 01-31-2020


- Version 1.0 base release!

- NEW! Sango's SE02 V2

v0.9.9b - 01-29-2020


- NEW! Sango's SE02 V2 Test

- NEW! Device and mouse shake feature test with the above special scene!

- FIX! Instances where loading a game shows characters zoomed in on the hips

- FIX! Bug fix in Min-seo's intro route. Also fixed are on Hanako's and Rika's routes.

v0.9.9 - 12-25-2019


- NEW! 10th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now)

v0.9.5 - 10-12-2019


- NEW! 10th character route opened! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now)

- NEW! 9th character special scene added!

- FIX! Image fading problem.

- FIX! Image fading problem on load.

- OBSERVE: Audio system may be stopped while Chrome 76-77 is out of focus. This may affect audio fades, leaving them hanging.

v0.9.0 - 08-20-2019


- FIX! Added support for savepoint markers and fixed up pointer on load game to search for nearest dialog or savepoint, or restart scene if none.

- FIX! Animation SAS support

- FIX! Speed up by batchreader support and fix infinite looping bug

v0.9.0 - 07-29-2019


- NEW! 9th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now)

- NEW! 2x special scenes up!

- NEW! Chinese (ZH-Simplified) translation now covers intro area!

v0.8.5 - 05-23-2019


- FIX! Menu-related sound and bugs

- FIX! Sound volume related to loading game

- FIX! Dialogue auto-scroll bug

- FIX! Scenario-related bugs and typos

v0.8.5 - 05-12-2019


- NEW! 9th character route opened! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now)

- NEW! Options menu added!

- NEW! Added global volume controls!

- FIX! Bug setting transition between animations.

- FIX! Event log text now fixed up!

v0.8.1 - 03-31-2019


- NEW! 2 of Mie's special scenes have been recreated!

v0.8.0 - 02-17-2019


- NEW! 8th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now)

- NEW! Chinese Simplified translation (Prologue)

- FIX! More bug fixes. New menu system in all versions.

- FIX! Plot hole fix!

- FIX! FF and Auto bug!

- FIX! special scene variable added

- FIX! Fireworks scene bug

- FIX! Fullscreen bug

v0.7.5 - 11-14-2018


- NEW! 8th character route started! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now - unreleased)

- FIX! Trying to fix iOS sound problems (online version only)

v0.7.0 - 08-16-2018


- FIX! More typos and scenario dialogues

- FIX! Draggable menu list, and sound bug

v0.7.0 - 08-02-2018


- NEW! 7th character route finished! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 4 in the free demo version for now)

- FIX! More typos and scenario dialogues

- FIX! Sound cleaup - stop sound when faded to 0 volume. Might improve performance.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(64 total ratings)
AuthorStudio Paper Waifu
GenreVisual Novel
Made withPhaser
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LinksPatreon, Homepage, Kickstarter

Install instructions

  1. Download and unzip
  2. Run Executable (Ramen no Oujisama.exe or the .app file if you're on a Mac, nw if you're on Linux)
  3. Enjoy!


RnO (Android v5+) v1.1.3
RnO (Linux 64-bit) v1.1.3
RnO (MacOS 10.6 to 10.8) v1.1.3
RnO (MacOS 10.9+) v1.1.3
RnO (Win 64-bit) v1.1.3
RnO (Win 32-bit) v1.1.3

Development log

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Came for the hentai, stayed for silly fox waifu romance


V3?!?? Holy shit this game changed so Much?!??


the game almost became racist at the start xd

at least hold it in a bit

Will there be an option to switch back to the old art in-game? I do like the style of the new art but honestly I think I prefer the old illustrations, so I was just wondering if there would be an option for it.


In the main story, before you start a character route, you'll be asked what version of the game's art you want to play with. The V2 galleries are also all in the game :) 

Thank you!!


this was the first visual novel but I have a played. Is still my favorite and was the whole reason I made this account and this game is 11/10. Is great I have played 5 route. But this game did not work on my computer for like a year but I got to work today so I am super excited to see what has changed:) 

Sorry if I spelt something wrong 


Thank for playing :) You'll find a whole lot more in the game now!


I can't what:)

Anal sex?

Some scenes have it


This game made me smile. In recent years its become hard for me to smile. I'm glad things like this game exist...


Really glad to hear it's helped you in that way!

It's been a while since the free version of this game has been updated; do you have any plans to update it in the future? I'm sure many of your fans would appreciate it if we were to receive a version where Ren's route is completed, at the very least.

Hello dark! It's now updated!

Sweet. Glad to finally get the 'complete' game, so to speak: I've been keeping tabs on this game since Rika's route. Keep up the good work.

Excuse me I want to ask something? Can I get 10 character routes in this game? Do I have to finish an existing character to unlock another character? And is there any difference between this version and the patreon version?

Hello! Yes you can play the 10 character routes in this game! The main difference between this and the patreon version is the new stuff we've got in there and what we're still making. Currently, the main ones that are being worked on are these:

  • All Special Scenes in the V3 main story of the game is undergoing V3 Special Scene updates.
  • 3x scene variations are being made per special scene.
  • The above are made to support the 3 genderbender options when you enable this secret code. So if you choose F as an option, the special scenes will be GxG rather than the usual BxG.
  • Omake scenario WIP: A harem extra is under WIP. This is going to be longer than usual.

very bautifull game and recomedable

(1 edit)

Hey... first..I want to appreciate your work man.. Amazing..I just want to ask that the Android link is not running...After downloading it shows cannot open file..🥲 I have Realme C3.. Currently playing online fom chrome in the same phone..But I wanna download it man..

Hi Ransh, thanks for the report! This is an Android 10 phone I take it? I just added a new download option (mediafire mirror). Can you give this one a try?

Thanks..really sorted out...Can you tell actually that the butler route and flower girl route are made or you are still creating the route.. Because I can't find the route of these two..

The former might be a work in progress in this build but is playable, and the latter is already available :)

flower girl accomplished..thanks... waiting for the butler route.

Ima be honest..........I legit have no idea how to get the Ren route even after finishing The Genius Chef route multiple times ,_,

Hint: Reloading and reloading a save game doesn't do what you think it does.

I think I get it now. Thank you!


I don't.....Care to explain bro ?

fr man i don’t get it either

It means, if you are trying reloading and reloading a save game to do a shortcut going through the game credits multiple times, it doesn't work the way some may think.

just started the game and wow is it alot better than i anticipated!

is rika's route finished? nothing beats a flirty idol girl.

Hi Periah! Yes it is!

Cheers mate time to enjoy myself!

(1 edit)

Hi, the game is great and I'm invested in the story. My only question is what is the song at the beginning as you open the game? I looked everywhere but never found it

I've wandered all around the game looking for Ren's route, I'm a completionist & i've been playing everytime I get the chance non-stop for the last 2 weeks, and I have few questions that would make my day, because I'm losing my mind, plz help me:

1- is Ren's route playable in the free version?

2- is it possible without any previous routes?

3- will you be mad if I cracked the game's code?

4- what does 'CharFinishCount' refer to?

(But seriously I learned html_5 scripts for this reason, whether you'll answer me or not, i respect your decisions & i love your crafts, what a great visual novel i've read! You guys are the best!)

Hehe. I think you may be over looking into it. Here's another hint: do not keep loading one or more save game(s), it will hinder you from finding what you seek!

Oh that makes so much sense now! I'm about to try what's on my mind , ty!!

(1 edit)

Hey...please explain it to me...I don't get the ren's route..

I need help... I want to access the Butler route, i have a speculation that i need to 100% completion to access it BUT, I'm stuck at 2 endings, one is from Rico's route & the other from shouko's route....   Plz SPW help me....

You're getting there, and it's not 100% completion ;)

One last question :

Are there really more "sexy scenes" of certain characters outside their specific route other than Sango ??

Yes, and depends on the character.

The paths that lead the Mc and Li apart are kind of disappointing. I feel like in that situation we should get a say on wether the MC goes or not.

Li? There are multiple ending paths available for each of the character routes.

Which Patreon membership do I have to get for the full game?

(1 edit)

The $2 tier will get you the game, if you want secret codes, go a little further and would like to help us out that's the $10 tier :)

I'll definitely be getting it. It comes with more romance interests, right?

The demo version used to only have 3 complete routes, but the free version that replaced this (what you're playing now) is several versions earlier than the latest version for patrons. There are 11 character routes already available with the big differences , I think,still under WIP in the free version was part of The Genius Chef's V3 route and part of the secret route.

and is Ren in the patron version for a romance?

Please see my reply to your other comment! ;)

When going the goddess route do you get to see her true form?

Hi Nsf! Well... We left that to your imagination in the main game ;) Were you thinking something along the lines of cat girls and fox girls?

Dev Imma be honest with you and say that while I absolutely love the game both story wise and stylistically, I am absolutely kicking myself trying to figure out how to get any of rens scenes unlocked. Any advice to get a guy started? Any at all?

Hi dd! ;) ;) ;) Keep at it?

hello, I write this comment to warn the developer that it is not possible to install the apk version because MEGA indicates that the link is no longer accessible either on the application or Google, can you make the download accessible, please ?


Oops! Thanks for letting us know! The free version (and the patron version) of the game has just been updated!

Thank you 👍🏻

Hi! Is there a way to activate the genderbend version? I wanna play the female mc with the genderbend routes

Hello! Yes! Simply enter the secret code 'genderbenderxyz' :)

Thank you!

Sure thing! The other option we'll call F2, is almost the same as the F option since the character is the same as the F, except special scenes are written with a girl MC that has both.

This is a great game! The story and plots are excellent!I did have a small problem on mobile though(Apple), every once in a while an error message would appear and I would have to restart from the last save point. Still, I had a lot of fun, keep it up!


Great game stories are amazing, art really good as well but I have a question and that is who made the opening song for the title screen and what's it called as it's really good.

(1 edit)

In andriod data section it doesn't show the save data i have in game is it a bug ?

Hello! Are you playing the Android version on a mobile browser with this web version of the game? :)


Which android version is for newer android devices?

Hello! Either will do!

From what I remember, you'll need Android OS version 5.1 and up :)

is there a route for Ren? what was the butler stuff in gallery

Hello! There's an unlockable secret route in the game ;)

Hint: Keep playing through

Last time I played this was around 2019 and I didnt know ren had a route its really good to know that she has one


I've finished the starlet dreams route, but in the gallery i still have the 3rd scene locked. Is this a bug or can choices unlock scenes?

Hello! There are many secret unlocks in the game ;) Some of these in places you don't expect, and some can be found in other  character's routes.

am I dumb?  Uh how do I unlock the secret route? , I finished all of the girls'route, what am I missin?  Loved the game btw

Hehe, and thanks for playing the game! Hint: Keep playing through ;)

It's just a black screen after I press ok for my name. Do I just have to wait or did something bad happen?

Hey bro! Did a test, just wait for it or refresh the page and wait for a it. The loading time of the web browser version is a bit longer compared to the platform builds

Ok thx

when will the full version be finished for non-patrons if this is still being worked on? i noticed the last update was in August 2019 here

Hello! Thank you for waiting <3 The demo build in this page is now the free public build of the game. If you can spread the word about it, that'd be real helpful! :)

Hello, what is the difference between the downloadable game in here and the downloadable game in patreon? I mean if I download here, is it gonna be the same as demo browser version?

Hello! The demo version is the same in both. The patron-only version is what we're focusing on updating :) Right now, the secret route and updated routes with the new V3 artworks and specials scenes are being worked on

A couple questions: 1. I played one route and it said there were three fully completed storylines. Is there another being completed? If so, who? 2. Will Ren ever get her own playable story? I've wanted to play her from the beginning!

Helloo! Yes, there are 3 complete story lines you can play here in this version. You'll know because they continue pass chapter 4 :). The secret route is being worked on in the patron version!

Paper Waifu I know there are three I've played your game countless times. What I'm wondering is if there will be MORE than three complete story lines any time soon. I feel like its been three for as long as I've played. I believe the three are the two sisters and the ninja (whose name escapes me at the moment)... I would LOVE to see Kikue get a complete story line! She might be my favorite and she's not finished. So please... I think by 2030 you can complete more characters. Get to 4-5... for the good of the game...

is this game still on progress?

Hello, yes it is. The patron-only version is being updated!

so the updated game only in patreon?


(1 edit) (+1)

I just have one more question for the developers when will people that don't have Patreon get to play the full story for some of the girls that only go up to chapter 4 just wondering? A.K.A non-Patreon people

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