RnO updated to v0.6.5 06-24-2018

Hey guys,

Latest version is v0.6.5 - 06-24-2018. This build fixes up several things. Android 4.4x on 480 x 854 and Android 8.0 are now fixed up. On the down side, we removed Crosswalk to fix up the problems associated with Android 8.0, so you'll need to have the System Android WebView only if you're on Android 4.4. Android 5.x and 6.x comes with an updated WebView so this is optional. Android 7.0 and up uses Chrome's WebView, making this System Android WebView unnecessary (or optional). You can switch this in Settings -> Developer Tools -> Webview (or something like that.)

In case you need it, you can get it here:


Itch.io Web Version Upload Problems

We're also having problems uploading the Web buids to Itch.io for some reason. So we're leaving it as is and only updating the links to the dedicated platform builds.

Change Log

v0.6.5 - 06-24-2018 - FIX! More typos and scenario dialogues 

- NEW! Added low/failed localStorage alert message
- FIX! Android build now works on smaller screen sizes (480 x 854)

v0.6.5 - 06-16-2018
- FIX! Gender-related dialogue text transformations
- FIX! Dialogue typos and grammar
- FIX! Character menu ramen selection screen
- NEW! Updated Android builds

v0.6.5 - 05-30-2018 - FIX! Gender-related dialogue text transformations

v0.6.5 [05-26-2018]
- NEW! 7th character route started! Exclusive to patrons! (Only up to chapter 2 in the free demo version for now)
- NEW! Added gender feature options. This is a secret feature!
- NEW! Added gender-related interactions to scenes. 
- FIX! Improved SE organization
- FIX! 6th character route's plot, added new dialog features to game 
- FIX! Gallery and Omake scenarios now apply the last session's name, gender, and pronoun choices.

Get The Ramen Prince / Ramen no Oujisama [EVN, Dating, 18+]

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