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I just have one more question for the developers when will people that don't have Patreon get to play the full story for some of the girls that only go up to chapter 4 just wondering? A.K.A non-Patreon people

hey, sharkie and BeerBrew what is a H-visual novel?

Best you google this one up

how do you pronounce mie's name?

just wondering


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She's there, you haven't just looked at the right place at the start ;)

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She is in the game as well!

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Helloo! This is technically a the free/demo version which has 3 full routes. The other 6 only have until chapter 4 available, and the other 2 routes are not available here. Our patrons get access to the latest builds that have these and the new V3 artworks being put together right now :)

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Not available in this version here ;) ;)

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Hello!! With her route, nothing in particular comes to mind. What are you trying to achieve or get?

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Oh, can you explain what happens? And what chapter are you on Lina's route?

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I´m Curious, what did everyone decide to name their MC? To be fair, ill tell you what i named mine, Mitoshi Hiragana.

P.S I really loved this game, art style isnt my favorite, but its good either way!

First of all, lovely game. Great artwork, and something that is different to so many other visual novels, good writing. Now, it said, that in the free version, there are four paths fully available: May I ask, which ones?
Thank you ^^

sexy scene in min seo the screen turn black 


By 3 routes publicly available, do you mean there are 3 characters who have their routes fully unlocked?

Hello! Yes that's right! ^^


And are there any free walkthroughs for these routes? Or do I have to brute force it?

Haha, well, give it a shot for now ;)

Says android file isn't available anymore

Hello! Thanks for letting us know! The link should work now!


file isnt avalaible for download? no windows file is available to download

Hello! Links are being updated!

kimchi is a korean food not japanese

when is the next free update

Yes, I may be stupid. I have look here and on (yes I support you). Where can i play more the 9-10 route games??  

ok, I found the Release Post... needs a password.. did you send me one? none of mine general passwords work.. I do love this game and want to see the rest of it.

how can i reset my password or find it. 


is there going to be a ren route? And if so when?

R U guys going to add a harem ending? After playing every route, I felt bad for the other girls cause they all got it bad for MC

Multiple endings are available for characters whose routes are fully available.

@Harem - ;)

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domo arigato paper waifu team... How would this be done?

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I can’t buy it my wife won’t let me when will free version be out pls

also I liked it so far

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Are you guys really doing a ren route? I really wanna see her go 😘

Loved the game btw

What is the starting music? Its nice.

Bring Mie back! I cried when she had to leave, its not fair :,(

Also, when can we expect another update?

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Is it gonna feature Voice Acting?

When is the are updates for 

"Plz make 4th character full story"

I created an account solely to plead that the soundtrack for this game get put on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud...whatever music platform you can. When I came to play this game, I did not expect the music to be full of bangers.

Helloooo! Thanks for playing ;)! I wish we could, but unfortunately, we can't due to our agreement with our music provider. There's a sound test feature in-game for those who like to listen to them though :)

how can i get the full version of this game , not the demo , im new and the patreon thing gets me lost ? i know i have to  pay but where and how?

Hellooooo! Yah, the full version is available for our patrons over at patreon. So when you become a $2 patron, access to post that contains information and where to get the game becomes available to you. Click the link, download, and play the game! If you visit our page:

You will see our different games available. Find the words "Release Post" or simply scroll down to find the link for these patreon posts. You can always turn up, turn down, stop, or continue your pledge at any time!

ok sounds simple enough , thank you.


I see you! Enjoy the game! Let us know if you can't find the link!

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