Godhood Chronicles V0.0.9 Update!

V0.0.09 updates!

  • all known bugs have been addressed!
  • wobbly dialogue text should now be fixed!
  • artwork for Gwynnifer Selt has been added!
  • artwork for Merile Heathford has been added!
  • The town of Larklast is now open! New characters to meet, and new quests to find! (Aberitha main quest not yet active!)
  • Quest 10 and Quest 11 are now available to be completed!
  • All character menus have been revamped with a new navigation and new layout! I've tried to get rid of the main navigation menu in favor of something that looks nicer to the eye and also a UI where it's easier to add future content as compared to the limited lines afforded by the previous version!
  • wrong placement of certain menus should be fixed!
  • fixed up a lot of persistently wonky text in Thessila maps and other game events!
  • The following food can now be used to feed these devouts. Please note that their character quests (with the exception of Lydia's) are not yet available!
    • Lydia's favorite food, Spiced Roast, is now available!
    • Maggie's favorite food, Roast Beef, is now available!
    • Jereck's favorite food, Strawberry-Mango Cake, is now available!
    • Gwynnifer's favorite food, Durian Shake, is now available!
    • Desi's favorite food, Seaweed Soup, is now available!
  • Exploring the gardens might give you some random herbs! Only 5 herbs a day if you have Merile or Averon as a caretaker, but 10 herbs if you have none! You must upgrade the garden and find all the seeds in Thessila to access the herbs!
  • added Lydia's Quest 01! Sleep with or feed meals to Lydia to earn enough affection to trigger this quest! (Check out the Great Hall to start it!)
  • bug fixes
    • [01] fixed broken link for Jereck Smithson and Gwynnifer Selt images
    • [02] menu layout for browsers fixed! There are still persistent bugs from old saved game files, specifically Merile images and black screens after sex scenes - please make sure your cache is deleted before playing!
    • [03] added a fix for a persistent image bug
    • [04] cleaned out more text
    • [05] did a hard reset to see if bugs from previous game save files can be removed from current game save files - no crashes expected
    • [06] fixed a map error that prevents you from leaving
    • [07] fixed a bedmate bug and quest 011 bug that prevents you from entering the shrine

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Hi, I downloaded the game and found the new features great, but, for some reason, each time I tride to sleep with someone, the game freezes black.

(2 edits)

Please let me know

1. character partner

2. gender of your character

3. location (inner chamber, thessila, etc.)

4. before sex scene, or after?

I tested and it seems to be working for me atm!

(3 edits)

1. I tried to sleep/seduce Tyinne, but the screen froze when it comes to her, even after finishing her quest, when I tried having a meal with her, the screen froze. I did try to sleep with the swords lady, Lydia, but the screen froze after pillow talk.

2. I'm both male and female. (Futanari)

3. Chamber Room only.

4. After Sex Scene, After Pillow Talk

There's also this after seducing Tyinne.

I added a fix, let me know if it works!

Also for the Seduce Divine - you can only seduce them once per day (though you can still choose them as bedmate for the night)!