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The Godhood Chronicles

An expanding rpg / harem system

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current build: V.0.0.23 (January 7 2023) - see devlog for more details + all bug fixes!


Abduction  | Anal | Anonymous Sex | Barebacking | BDSM | Blowjob / Fellatio | Breastplay | Creampie | Cunnilingus| Daddy Issues | Dirty Talk | Dominance/Discipline | Doggy Style| Futa| Gangbang | Ghost Sex | Glasses | Handjob | Harem | Male/Female (choice) | Male/Male (choice) | Female/Female (choice) | Masturbation | Monster Sex | Orgy | Rough play | Pet Play | Priest/Priestess Sex | Public Sex | Ropework | Shy | Spanking | Species Sex | Tit-play | Toys | Uniform | Vanilla Sex | Voyeurism

You're a new god fresh off creation. Start laying the foundations of your religion, recruit devouts to your faith, and defeat enemy gods - or screw their followers, which is almost the same thing. Explore towns and convince them to worship you and increase your influence. Be a kind god or an evil one - your choices affect quests and storylines, and will determine the worshiper personalities you attract to your cause!


  • Standard RPG combat and quests-based system with win/lose sexy scenarios!
  • Harem system - recruit potential love interests to your religion! Romance / seduce / establish relationships with multiple partners to unlock more quests / storylines!
  • Lawful / chaotic alignment - your actions dictate the storyline and determine the type of worshippers you recruit!
  • Defined kinks - customize sexy scenes with potential partners according to your own sexual preferences
  • Character art! Option to customize your deity as male, female, or futa! 
  • Patreon supporters who pledge $10 up will get to determine kinks, personalities, etc for the game and receive early access to new features a month ahead of the public build!


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