Godhood Chronicles V0.0.8 Updates!

V0.0.08 updates!

  • Revamped more maps!
  • Shrine priest / Divine, Haelan, character art now available!
  • Added the Divine Quest 01 for all genders! Sleep with or feed meals to your Divine to earn enough affection to trigger this quest! (You must sleep with or eat with your devout about three times (cumulative for both methods, and not for each). Once you get the choice option asking you to help them out, choose to agree (Please note that they will ask you this only three times - if you say no to them for all three times, they will no longer ask and you will no longer be able to fulfill this quest)! Once done, check out the Great Hall and find your Divine there to officially start the quest!) 
  • All devouts now have kinks listed on their profiles to show you their sexual preferences! Their quests will help increase the proficiency of their kinks as well as increase your skills that are associated with them! 
  • You can now serve your Divine their favorite food to unlock quests!
  • Random chests will now start appearing on maps! These will usually give several ingredients that you can use to make food for your devouts that will help improve your friendship with them!
  • Please also note that you must have Maggie as a devout to activate the kitchen and cooking quests! Also note that you no longer have to sleep with her in order to recruit her, as there will be options in the recruitment process to turn her down but still accept her as a devout!
  • Icons!!! Lots and lots of new icons!
  • Fishing game now active! Go to ponds in the map to start fishing and gain ingredients for meals! (Please note that some fishing rods will be destroyed after a set number of uses). Fishing rods are available from Savannah in the Thessila Marketplace, and then in the shrine kitchen after you have recruited Gwynnifer Selt. Bait is also available in both, or when defeating certain bosses.
  • You can now seduce your Divine and also sleep with them again in one day, doubling your chances when compared to your other devouts
  • bug fixes: [3/27/21]

    • fixed odd sex scenes loop
    • fixed teleport bug from shrine to Lamia Cave
    • fade to black error in sex scenes fixed

As always, we'll still be on the lookout for any more bug fixes and will do our best to fix them within 48 hours!

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The game is good but needs a lot of work. There are a couple of things that I noticed while playing that lowered the quality of the game.

1. Text being cut off the chatbox. There are some chats that are cut off and don't continue onto the next chatbox. That's really annoying to see because sometimes you can't finish a certain conversation or a thought a character had without it cutting off. 

2. The menu. The menu is good for now but like for the first issue, certain words or phrases are cut off. Also, when you equip something, you see your character's name and the back button highlighted in the same box. It looks bizarre because the word back is cut off and it just doesn't look good at all. 

3. Bug when having sex with Savannah where it can't download the character image.

4. The writing in this game needs to be looked over. There are typos and such in conversations as well as improper gender definitions. For example, I chose Astris and when I was done with the sex scene, the character called her a him. It continued to her being classified as a them next and it just made the whole after-sex scene uncomfortable.

I really see a lot of potential in this. I liked the text version you guys had before so I was looking forward to the rehaul you were planning on doing. I know you guys can do better and I can't wait to see what the final product will turn out to be.

Maybe add like a ck2ish family dynasty/pantheon for players like lets say the player god does "die" and we play on as that gods child (customizable but has to be a race of players god or hybrid if u know ck2 you'll get it lol)and we play as the child and follow his/her story. Maybe also add like a war map for our god to see world map of continent that shows a color coded borders of all who worships what god/goddess idk something that actually show that we the players actually show we are the god of whatever divinity we the players picked. Hope these ideas help also I was woundering when our character models for the player MC god will be released thanks! :D

Char models are not workable given that there will be easily 1 million combinations we'll have to use for just the avatar, and then do that all over again for children gods. We may consider customization for specific patreon users who ask for it in the future, but it is not realistic for all players right now lest the game size balloons up. War maps may be doable but at this phase in the storyline it will not yet be relevant.

   ah ok just was brainstorming really cuz when I was playing and I got to thinking that what if scenario lol I forgot about that mech pov of gameplay and I was thinking along a player pov.  

the reason is if u look at ck2 customize aspects I liked the whole family sigil and family genealogy and birth traits(ext.) and how in ck2 also had that color coded factions maps  thats where I had that idea of " play through the generation" idea as well as the war map idea especially since the player could be a war god I figured that idea would be cool to throw out there.now for more ideas that I hope you like/and are acceptable  

  1. Perhaps a divine beast form (like God pantheon from games/mythology/books/ fenreir(norse)=wolf;devouror of sun and bringer of ragnirok       fen'harel(dragon age)=wolf;elven god of magic and knowledge main reason for elven enslavement
  2. Maybe have an archetypes for divinity players can pick when they hit a certain lvl like say we are a god of knowledge(better at magic) now depending on player choices and interactions like for example player did not kill lamia and have her continue to attack village player can now be god over lamia and any serpent species that leads to an option that unlocks stuff like (parseltounge, immune to poison,ritual magic*if taken a blood sample for a ritual* ) 

Idk I got more idea but I'll hold off until you say u would like more ideas ( dont want to be the guy that bugs the author/dev an be annoying sorry if I  am lol just so u know i dont have pc I play this on android mobile browser so i don't really know what this game is running on tbh so thats why if my ideas sound stupid or illogical this is why)

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Love the new feature of collecting food on the map. Will be waiting for more news on the devout quests. There's a weird bug that I couldn't sleep with anyone else in the bedroom chambers but with the shrine maiden instead even though I clicked on someone else. Also, whenever I tried to sleep with Green Lamia in the bedroom chambers, a loop occurred that I get transported to the after-the-act scene with Rawn even though he's already a devout of mine. For some reason, Rawn gets cleared off my list of devouts and I had to recruit him again, after recruiting him, the number of devouts increased more because I've been recruiting Rawn a couple of times. Although Rawn was cleared from the list, the number of devouts did nit decrease but increase whenever I try to recruit him again. By the way, I've been running the game in the browser. When I installed the game, there have been errors that caused me to exit the game occurring when I click on an option inside the Shrine and whenever I tried to travel in the map. Hopefully, those bugs will be fixed soon.

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Is it only specifically the Green Lamia that gives you Rawn, or are there other devouts? (The Green Lamia specific bug has been fixed! If other problems reoccur, please post screenshots if you can!)

As far as I can tell, it was only the Green Lamia, and thanks :)

Well, to be honest, when I was playing in the browser, having a meal with the shrine maiden was fine until I recruited Rawn. Whenever I tried either having a meal with him or the shrine maiden, it would always go to the next day right after. And that Rawn kept on getting fed already before I even had a meal with him.

Did a fix, let me know if that worked!

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The screen froze after spending the night with someone. Whether it's the shrine maiden or Averon, the screen froze black after attempting to spend a night with them. (after finishing all Thesilla Quests)

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are you using male, female, or futa for your character? And did it freeze after the scenes or before they could even happen?

After the scene and Futa.

should work now!


No way you're revisiting this??? I'm so happy TwT


hello, we're committing to update at least once a month with new content :)

Hello again. I love the new devout! he's so cute however after you finish his first sex scene the game freezes and none of the options come up. it doesn't give an error tho 

It should work now!