Godhood Chronicles V0.0.7 Updates!

V0.0.7 updates!

  • Added a new user interface for all of the main menus! We've removed the very generic menu interface that RPG maker implements and swapped it out with some new ones that we hope you'll like better!
  • Shrine is now active! You can return to the shrine after finishing the Strange Tree quest to explore. You can also rename your shrine.
  • Quick teleport option now available at the hearth within the shrine. This will only apply to places you have already been to.
  • You can now select a bedmate for the night with a pillow talk option to increase affection/relationships with devouts!
  • Kitchen now available! Cooking is now an alternative way to gain quests without having to sleep with devouts that you don't want to. Recruit Maggie as your devout in order to implement this!
  • Option to have Avilee or Merilee manage your garden now available!
  • Engaging in pillow talk with devouts after sex or sharing a meal with them will trigger quests after a certain number of times!
  • Rawn's favorite food, pottage, now available!
  • We are reverting back to Lydia von Oppemeier's original artwork as of this update!
  • Seeds/tags quest for either Merile or Averon now available! Just talk to them at the shrine!
  • Completing all the Thessila quests will now allow you to earn a set number of coins everyday as Thessila's tribute!
  • all known bug fixes have been addressed! Some players had reported some saving bugs that might have been due to cache errors from a previous version - let me know if this is still persistent!

BUG FIXES (reuploaded on 2-7-21):

- fixed Strange Tree looping error

- fixed Back button error on Items list

- fixed no payment of coins for inn and Maggie

- fixed club weapon type (can now be added into the flail weapon type)


The Godhood Chronicles [V0.0.7] 2-5-21.zip Play in browser
Feb 05, 2021
The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build] Windows 2-5-21.zip 326 MB
Feb 05, 2021
The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build] Linux 2-5-21.zip 334 MB
Feb 05, 2021
The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build] MacOSX 2-5-21.zip 456 MB
Feb 05, 2021

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How do I update my save file to the latest version

(1 edit)

Are you playing here on the browser? If so, your save file should automatically work even if we update the game here. (save file is based on your browsers local storage)

If you are playing the Windows, etc. versions, go to the game folder and look for the save folder. Your saved files should be there and you can just copy and paste it on the next game version (make sure it's also in the save folder! If you don't have a save folder yet because you don't have saved games yet, you can always make a folder called "save", or just play the new version and then save a new game there for the folder to be auto created)

Thanks, it works.

Error when using fireball

do the other skills work?

Hello! the game told me to report the bug so here i am

should be fixed now!

.....I'm back I think I'm just good at breaking your game I hope this is helping and not being annoying

Sorry about that, it absolutely should be working now! And thank you, actually - the more bugs I can squash, the better for everyone!

Ok, so I'm not getting an error message for it but it seems the leather has glitched and I can no longer finish the blacksmith's quest. 

I feel like I should be listed as a beta tester lmao 

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Can you be specific as to why the leather is crashing? I ran it on my end and it seems to be working. Other than that, everything else should work now!