Godhood Chronicles V0.0.6 Update!

V0.0.6 updates!

There's a lot because I was busy working on the game over the holidays, so apologies for the wall of text! A lot of these is focused first on establishing the main system the game will be working on, which is what I want to prioritize before turning back to expanding storylines!

  • You can choose either a futa option OR a female option other than the current male option! All sex scenes and dialogue have been updated to reflect which choice you prefer!
  • MF, FM, MM, and FF sex scene options all now available depending on what your gender preference is!
  • Huge overhaul of assets; you will need to start a new game to play this version from the previous one, but this is hopefully the last time you’ll have to do so for the evolution of this game
  • Added race choices (orc, fae, aquatic, elven, etc.) physical characteristics and descriptions to your character instead of art assets due to patreon feedback, to maximize customization, which is also one of the main reasons (alongside adding more gender preferences) why previous gameplays no longer work for this version! This is to pave the way for more character customization later on.
  • all Thessila quests are now available, including the Strange Tree quest!
  • Map has been expanded!
  • You can now view stats for your and your partners’ sexual history (via the Stats submenu and the Devouts list)
  • Each recruited Devout now has their own mini-page where you can look up their stats and their relationship to you (please note that the quests are not yet active!)
  • Added Astris as a Shrinemaiden option, for a total of two shrinemaidens with artwork to choose  from! Added a third shrine priest option, Declan, for those who might want a male option for their head devout, but art assets are not yet available!
  • Revamped art assets for Lydia von Oppemeier
  • You are now able to recruit all devouts without needing to sleep with  them, including Maggie Fairbright. Simply flirt with them until the choice list comes up, then choose to turn them down. A new option to recruit them will pop up when you flirt with them again.
  • HP gauges for enemies now visible!
  • Select Lover Preferences: a new option in the in-game menu where you can predefine whether you want more male devouts or female in the story. Do note that you cannot choose the genders of some characters that are relevant to some of the storylines
  • Elven tree Averon can now be genderswapped according to your preferences
  • Reading subtext now available! You can see the real thoughts of some of your devouts as you read through their dialogue, as subscripts located above their conversation! 
  • Enemies will now have guards that you can break to win fights easier, whenever you use the right elemental attacks/weapons!
  • Enemies can now display their weaknesses for you to change up your strategy!
  • Battle system Boost now available! Earn 1 Boost per turn and accumulate them to deliver more powerful attacks and combos!
  • Weapon swap! You can now switch weapons during battle, and you can now equip one of each type of weapon for multiple weap slots!
  • Equip skill command now available! The game gives you a set number of skill slots to equip, and each successful recruitment of a devout will earn you a new skill that you can equip!
  • Fixed fonts for easier reading!


The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build V.0.1.06] 1-8-21 Play in browser
Jan 08, 2021
The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build] Windows 1-8-21.zip 318 MB
Jan 08, 2021
The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build] MacOSX 1-8-21.zip 449 MB
Jan 08, 2021
The Godhood Chronicles [Public Build] Linux 1-8-21.zip 326 MB
Jan 08, 2021

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