Major Public Build update!

[December 3, 2020] It's been awhile, and that's all my fault - apologies! This year has been a downhill spiral and long story short - I got alarmingly sick. I'm still not at 100% but I am well enough to be  once more proactive on this series, so expect more! We finally have a working public build for Godhood up! As you can see, everything has been absolutely revamped, including the game system and mechanics! Some more information:

  • The game has been migrated from Twine to RPGmaker. Unfortunately, the game has advanced beyond what Twine can make, given that Twine was primarily made for simpler games and Godhood Chronicles has evolved beyond that. That said, I am for the most part building the system to be very unRPGmaker-like as I can - the gameplay and dialogue itself is similar to what I had constructed of the original Twine version. A download link of the old version is still available when you look through the other files available here!
  • For this game, male protagonist is now working, and a female option (to be played as futa or not, etc.) will be available in future updates.
  • A few quests are now available, as well as a battle system and map to help you get a better feel of the game.
  • Art assets will still be added! This game is expected to have a lot of these, so expect them to be gradually added!
  • optional MM sex scenes are now accessible!
  • Please note that the main quest for Thessila has not yet been activated, but many of the other quests are! There are multiple devouts already available for seducing and recruitment!
  • This is Godhood's public build, but a more advanced build is available to patreons pledging $10 up!

Please expect these at next update:

  • All Thessila quests available, including main
  • Female protagonist available (futa option)
  • MF, FM, MM top and bottom, FF sex scenes enabled
  • more artworks of devouts and optional shrinemaidens


The Godhood Chronicles Browser [Public Build].zip Play in browser
Dec 03, 2020
Godhood (Old Twine version).html 2 MB
Aug 09, 2017
The Godhood Chronicles Windows [Public Build].zip 307 MB
Dec 03, 2020
The Godhood Chronicles Mac OSX [Public Build].zip 436 MB
Dec 03, 2020
The Godhood Chronicles Linux [Public Build].zip 314 MB
Dec 03, 2020

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its nice to see you back here!

Thanks, glad to be back, too!


Really excited to play my own gender as a god in this game. XD

(1 edit) (+3)

The female option is actually for a futa - but would you (and anyone else seeing this!) prefer a non-futa female option as well? Trying to see the interest in this one, as I'd rather put in more options like this early on rather than when the game has more content!

edit: ehh gonna add it at next update anyway - more variety, more good times!

I would really love a non futa option but it is your game so do what you think fits best. :)


Holy moly, a wild update! Good to see you back.


I'm excited to see this project up and running again!