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Hello has there been a Ren route added yet? Best sim game out there btw keep up the good work 

Thank you! About the butler: I can only give you this emoji --  ;) ;)

Oh man she’s the best character in the game (in my opinion). But at least it isn’t a no and I hope it comes out soon. Or maybe it’s already added and I just haven’t found it out yet 🤔

Haha! Welcome to her fan club! ;)


This is the best Dating Sim ever, can't wait for the game to be finished, highly recommended to anyone who likes dating games and great characters, thank you Paper Waifu for this amamzing game.

And thank you for playing our game!! Glad you really enjoyed it! :)

where can i download this game

Hello!!! There are platform and Android build downloads available here, Gamejolt (, or our patreon page at

can you guys tell me if it possible to choose ren?


;) ;)

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This one is the best Visual novel game I ever played and unlike many others +18 games out there, this one doesn't throw a sex scene down your throat, instead it shows the characters, their personalities, their likes and etc, I completed all routes for this version and I can't wait for the new one

when is the next update?

I have just come across this and thought what the heck. I like food, cooking and other things what are in the this game. I have played this online and got hooked by the storyline. This has a great story, keeps you guessing and not throwing the 18+ stuff at you straight away. I am wondering if there is still work being done to this.

Every time I finish a story and want to start another story line. Why does my previous load get replaced with the story I am currently playing?

When you finish a game a start a new one when it goes through the Credits Roll -> Titlescreen, you're starting something like a New Game+. Game data from the previous/current session is saved over.

Or are you talking about the first save slot being overwritten all the time? If so, this is because this is the Quick Save save slot, and the game periodically saves to this slot. There are 10 save game slots available. Just drag the list up and down to navigate.

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So if I want to go back to a previous character how would I do that? Will that be via the gallery/omake?

You can load up an existing save game, or continue finishing up the current game, get through  the end, and start a new game when it goes back to the titlescreen. The game is linear in this way.

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Hello! When you load up a game data, it remembers where you are in the game. Now since we update the game often, sometimes we edit the scenario files. When this happens, the save position won't be where it's expected to be. This is why we don't recommend loading game data from a different or older version of the game. Does this answer your question? Other than that it's supposed to function as is. We can look into this just to be sure that the game data is saved and loaded properly.

Now there's something about the special scenes. I think I forgot about their data, so this means that when you save in the middle of a special scene, it might not remember the choices you made and you'll end up somewhere else in the special scene than expected. I'll definitely have to look into that one.

Thank you. This answers my question



anyone know the secret code? Can't figure it out.

every part of this game is amazing holy shit 

I used to play an older version decided to download the latest. It doesnt start and says this: Profile error occurred Something went wrong when opening your profile. Some features may be unavailable. and it gets stuck at NW.JS


Will there be another version that allows you to choose gender? Just saying.

wish you can reply me

oh sry is the alpha version is the fully version or is still not completely done? 

hi, I want to ask do this game on Android got I completely version or is still in beta? And like you game, wich you got new to play 

Hello! Oops! Forgot to login here ;). The version available here on Itch, Newgrounds, and GJ are the demo versions. The complete or latest is available for our patrons and can be had in our patreon page. Demo builds are also available there ;). For now, that version has complete character routes, plus added little bonuses like an Omake Scenario that's not available in the demo version.

The game itself isn't done yet, since we're on v0.5.5 right now. 


I can't download anything

Hello! There are alternate links available in our patreon page ;). You can also try getting the builds from GameJolt.

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Where's the girl on grl action, why no play as wohmen? But seriously, i should probably play the game before saying anything about it.

Hey BeerBrew, I just wanted to let you know of a bug I found while playing Mie's route. Happens in chapter 4 after starting the back alley scene:

Tried reloading the save and restarting the game like it recommends to but unfortunately it still comes up like this so just wanted to let you know about it incase its not just limited to my computer (playing the windows 64bit version I got from your Patreon). Other than that I had no over problems so far and am very much loving this game and can't wait for when the other routes come out to see what other fantastic stuff becomes available.  :)        

Think at the moment Tomone's route is definitely my favourite, love her so much!
Though when Ren pulls this face...

I am unsure if that is the look I'll see in my dreams or haunting my nightmares, laughed so hard when she she did it! It was amazing, can't wait for a possible Ren route.  :D

Hey bro! Thanks for letting us know about this! Yeah, I looked at it and it seems I forgot to update stuff to replace the old scene with the new one. Good catch! Will update all the demo builds later so you guys can enjoy this particular scene ;) ;)

@Ren - All I can give you now is this face...  ; ) cuz when I ask Sharkie about it, he give me this :B lol

Thanks for playing the game and hope you continue to enjoy our stuff ;)

Game has been updated!

Thank you's!  <3

Hey everyone!

It's BeerBrew and... I haven't had much sleep yet. Just wanted to say that thanks to @dickmcscrotes 's bug complaint over at NewGrounds, we were able to finally catch the elusive loading-related bug that's been haunting the game for several weeks now. The online version of the game should be stable now especially when loading up save game files. With this bug, the game can randomly hang so speak. It rarely appears in our dev platform, and shite always hits the fan when we make it available as a web version. We will update the other builds later.

Can you guys give it a spin and see if anyone encounters any game-stopping errors like blackscreen hang, or any sort of hang or crash? Try progressing through a couple of routes, loading a couple of save games... And do use Google Chrome or Firefox (Firefox tends to complain more, so any hangs here will be useful to take note of.)

And the game's been updated to v0.3.5 if you've noticed ;)

Guys! Update incoming! We're looking at within the next few days, maybe within the week ;)

Best 1 hour I've spent on a visual novel.

And thanks for playing ;). We haven't promoted this page yet, and we're glad that despite that, it's being found, played, and enjoyed!

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