Ramen no Oujisama Fan-run Discord Server Is Here!

Hello everyone!

I've got good newsssss!

I've been helping out make some assets on the side for a fan-run Ramen no Oujisama discord server by our fans! If you want to talk about: 

  • The game
  • The story
  • Specific characters
  • Roleplay
  • Other games, anime and manga

You can check out the server here through this awesome invite link:



Please keep in mind that this is purely fan-run and we're not running this (though i may help from time to time or drop by there ;) )

While you're there, please enjoy your stay while following their rules. More importantly, stay classy, friendly and civil, make new friends. "No" means "no" on sensitive interactions with others (unless you're roleplaying and you agree that no means yes and yes means no - just don't forget your safe word!). Please avoid being a jerk with each other as much as possible! ^^

The server is still being shaped and it has just been launched, so if you've got something in mind to make it a homely place for everyone, just let the admins over there know!

That's it for now! Have fun over there ;)

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