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Not what we thought this was gonna be but we got the good ending so it all worked out!

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It would be nice if you were able to change the main character's gender to make it lesbian friendly. Also, some advice.... I only played Minako's route because I was really uninterested in playing through this game again, but I thought I should at least finish one route before being so critical. It still didn't change my mind. Even if I'm supposed to believe the main character is a solid 10/10 stud, the fact that female characters are just throwing themselves at him is very offputting. Normally in games like this, there's a little more work involved, and I hope you give the girls more personality. Right now they just hired prostitutes. Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but I thought it would be good to tell you, considering this game will mostly attract middle aged men who like hentai instead of people who like a good romance game. I hope you take this into consideration. I'm not saying the game should be less sexual, but currently that's all it is. The story barely exists. The game is just about fucking big breasted anime templates with no other redeeming qualities. Maybe if Summer seemed a little more like a childhood friend that likes you romantically instead of a slut hungry for whatever dick she sees first, it would be a little more meaningful. This ended up being more of a rant, than a review, but I hope it was helpful at least slightly. I'll end it here.~

Hello! Thanks for leaving your thoughts about the game!

It's really designed to be short and have a ton of special scenes, in contrast to our other game The Ramen Prince, which aims to balance being story-rich, and having enough of the action stuff. If there's going to be more of a story to this game, we'll most likely know what to do when we reach v1.0 as it's designed to be expandable. We'll see if our patrons want to see more of this ;)

You may want to look at The Ramen Prince for now, while this one is still a short.

@Lesbian friendly huh? I didn't think about that, but maybe it's something to consider!

If you have thoughts about the lesbian friendly feature, you can leave them here or in this post:

Thanks for bringing it up by the way! I don't know if this is all possible, but it's something to explore.

I commented on the patreon page. Thanks for considering my suggestion <3


Yep I saw :) Replied there, too! I'm about done with adding in the extra options in the game :)

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