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Hey there!

Say, the software that you use for this visual novel is really not convenient.

The loading times are damn long, there is no possibility to roll back nor to skip already seen text, the menu is fastidious, musics are broken, I know this is an alpha version but all of these problems wouldnt even happen with Ren'Py for example.

Indeed, Ren'Py is that convenient that there is not a single loading time, everything is instant, if a reader wants to rewind in order to see something again, they can rewind by scrolling the middle mouse button up, if a reader wants to read the visual novel again and try different choices in order to discover how the story changes, they can skip what they have already seen by holding Ctrl down which skips everything already seen until they reach something new that they have not seen yet, the menu is accessible with a right click anywhere on the screen and it opens directly on the save screen which is the most often used feature of the menu, this is how convenience is made.

You probably know Ren'Py as this is the software that everyone uses to create visual novels and you probably wanted to try something else to not do the same as everyone, be original, I think I undestand that much.

I don't suggest you to do the same as everyone and be unoriginal, but if a software is used by everyone because it is convenient then there is nothing wrong to use this convenience to create something original, don't you think? ;-)

So after testing your visual novel and experiencing the utter disavantadges of the software that you use, my suggestion is to switch to Ren'Py in order to benefit its convenience both for you and your readers, what do you say? :-)

i like the original at better

Is there a new version like updated one in 2019

is there a cheat code to get whole gallery i would like to see all the scenes thx

Hello. i'm playing this on android. How do i turn on the top ingame menu? Because it often disappear and i can't save my game without it.

I finally got the good ending! The one that was Summer, Ise, and Minako.

I download it but it showing blck screen pls help me im on android

Hello! do the other versions work for you? What phone model and android os are you on?

How do I swap between the old and new styles of artwork?

Hello! Use the secret code oldieartxxx

So I'm trying to play this, but after I click new game, it just shows a black screen. Any way to fix this?

Hello! Can you hit F12 or go to your browser's console and see if any error comes up?

no errors

Humm. That sounds weird. Can you try it on another site and newgrounds? Error might show up there?

Hi! I love the game so much, and you guys are awesome for putting so much work into this. Just wondering, but my screen just goes black and stays that way after the introduction of the teacher. Is it supposed to do that? 

Hello! Thank you :)

After the scene with her, there's a slightly longer load time to the next scene. It should advance to the next scene. If you still see it's a black screen, can you press F12 or open up the browser's console and see if there are any error messages? If so, copy and paste it here?

Thank you! it's working now, I guess I just didn't have the attention span or something lmao

why u guys change the images of the girls? Miss the old one..pls bring back the old images pls. Btw love the game

it's not working here and i can't seem to install it on my android phone

Hello! Are you on your phone trying to play this on your browser? You'll most likely need to switch to the Desktop version of the page. I've just uploaded the APK so you guys can download it from here rather than mega :)

Hi, how long until we can download a newer version of this game?

Hello! Soon-ish! Around 75% through the special scenes. Maybe in a week or two!

why no new scenes ! its been quite a  long time now

Hello! Thanks for asking :) The game is getting a remake of all character artworks. If you look at our patreon page, we've been laser focused at getting the special scenes prepped up for animation. We're probably looking at getting these preparation work done in 2-3 weeks? Might be earlier than that. After which, we'll animate the scenes, and up them into the game. The new character avatars are already in the game, so it's just a matter of the special scenes.

Deleted post

Hello! That sounds interesting! But are you sure? You better think about it first. The last couple of times we tried helping some other interested people get started with this sort of thing were failures (they backed out/shied away/never heard from again...). Just to give you an idea, there are over 30,000 dialog lines of varying length in the game and we're not even done yet!

You can give it a try first and if you're not deterred by the sheer number, let us know again and let's see what we can do to help!

Deleted post

Oh wait, you mean Summer in Springtime. Yeah this one's shorter. I think it's easier to translate :). Hold on, let me prep things up for you.

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Try this :>

Broken links? Which builds were you trying to download?

What are the special scenes?I'm too lazy to play the game again trying to find them😅

lol! Hard to describe. One is for the path where you run after her. And the other is near the start.

Hi, I found this game and just made an account so I could sort out how to play it on Linux Mint.

I have the .tar.gz downloaded but not sure what to do next in order to play/install it. If someone could please help/give me directions. Really itching to check this game out. Sorry if this questions is redundant, I've searched online and the forum here and haven't found a tutorial/info on how to install on Linux. Thank you for your time.

Hello! Let's see. Try running the file when you upack the tar.gz file.

Use bash or some other console to execute the script file (which runs the file called 'nw')

Hey! Thank you very much! So I double-clicked 'nw', which the computer didn't know what to do with, and it said it was an unknown file type and I chose the option to 'make executable and run' and the game started! 

Thanks, can't wait to check it out :D

Cool! Thanks for letting us know it's as easy as that! We haven't been able to test this on Linux and some Ubuntu users have a problem trying to run it off their desktop screens

Great!  Glad others will be able to run it as well. 

This was a great game, I got at least every ending within 3 hours and found the two ero scenes within the current version v0.1.5 I hope there's more stuff added into this game in future. I'd love to donate to help out the creators and artists.

Thanks! <3 and nice one bro! Someone told me they played through it dozens of times already and still couldn't find it. It's like an easter egg right now.

maybe add a gay option? there are so many girl/boy games like this but not many with the option for LGBT boy/boy or even girl/girl

Hello! We'll look at this later :) I'm a little pooped adding this extra stuff to Ramen no Oujisama cuz of the long script work. So if you want to see what the other gender-bending options there are, it'll be in the other game's next release :)

That transparency... enjoy the gameplay video!

Not what we thought this was gonna be but we got the good ending so it all worked out!

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It would be nice if you were able to change the main character's gender to make it lesbian friendly. Also, some advice.... I only played Minako's route because I was really uninterested in playing through this game again, but I thought I should at least finish one route before being so critical. It still didn't change my mind. Even if I'm supposed to believe the main character is a solid 10/10 stud, the fact that female characters are just throwing themselves at him is very offputting. Normally in games like this, there's a little more work involved, and I hope you give the girls more personality. Right now they just hired prostitutes. Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but I thought it would be good to tell you, considering this game will mostly attract middle aged men who like hentai instead of people who like a good romance game. I hope you take this into consideration. I'm not saying the game should be less sexual, but currently that's all it is. The story barely exists. The game is just about fucking big breasted anime templates with no other redeeming qualities. Maybe if Summer seemed a little more like a childhood friend that likes you romantically instead of a slut hungry for whatever dick she sees first, it would be a little more meaningful. This ended up being more of a rant, than a review, but I hope it was helpful at least slightly. I'll end it here.~

Hello! Thanks for leaving your thoughts about the game!

It's really designed to be short and have a ton of special scenes, in contrast to our other game The Ramen Prince, which aims to balance being story-rich, and having enough of the action stuff. If there's going to be more of a story to this game, we'll most likely know what to do when we reach v1.0 as it's designed to be expandable. We'll see if our patrons want to see more of this ;)

You may want to look at The Ramen Prince for now, while this one is still a short.

@Lesbian friendly huh? I didn't think about that, but maybe it's something to consider!

If you have thoughts about the lesbian friendly feature, you can leave them here or in this post:

Thanks for bringing it up by the way! I don't know if this is all possible, but it's something to explore.

I commented on the patreon page. Thanks for considering my suggestion <3

Yep I saw :) Replied there, too! I'm about done with adding in the extra options in the game :)